Sustainability and Responsibility

At Speeding Demon, we believe that a design process is incomplete unless you have paid attention to all the elements that accompany the product. We wanted to make sure that every element that we created should have a distinct purpose and should add value without harming the planet. So when it came time to design our packaging, we knew we had some work to do.

Getting better one product at a time

Our goal is to make on-demand manufacturing the norm for a planet with finite resources and people with infinite ideas. It’s an ambitious goal, so we’re taking it one step at a time.

We know that sustainability is important: for our customers, our team, and of course, the planet. We also know that all the sustainability challenges in the fashion industry don’t have a quick fix.

Speeding Demon products are made using the made-to-order production approach, fulfilling only the items our customers actually want. But we still have a lot to learn and do to make our production process more sustainable. All of the Speeding Demon orders are delivered in recycled packaging. Having to choose recycled packaging for our customers is good both for the business and the planet. 

Reliable quality

The better the quality, the longer the product lasts. Before we add new products, we do durability, wash, and wear tests to make sure they’ll stand the test of time. Producing long-lasting products means reducing new purchases.

We work with suppliers that produce high-quality products that last many washes, keeping print colors vibrant and the fabric soft. Our team is constantly curious, welcoming challenges and changes as part of our daily routine. We respect and care about one another, work together to reach our goals, and act with empathy and kindness.